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yacon syrup
Suggestions for using Yacon Syrup


Yacon Syrup is a natural, diabetic friendly choice of sweetner. It works well as a simple 1:1 replacement in any recipe using a liquid form of sweetener, ie honey, maple syrup, agave syrup, rice malt syrup.  Yacon is a delicious addition to any sweet as a topping, or in drinks and smoothies. The flavour compliments chocolate beautifully and is one of my favorite flavour combinations,

Suggestions for using Yacon Powder


Yacon Powder can be used as a substitue for dry sugars in baking, working particullarly well in place of brown sugar. It does absorb more liquid than regular sugar so in recipes using flour type products, the quantity of flour may need to be decreased. It does not dissolve like sugars though, so not a great option for tea and coffee.